Therapy & Programs

Speech Therapy Areas Addressed:


- articulation/phonology (sound production)
- receptive/expressive language (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, writing, and many more!)
- fluency (stuttering)
- apraxia of speech
- auditory processing
- augmentative/alternative communication
- pragmatics (social and play skills)
- cognition
- sensory based feeding


Occupational Therapy Areas Addressed:

- fine motor skills

- handwriting
- visual skills
- upper extremity strength and range of motion
- coordination
- dexterity
- reflexes
- attention, behavior, social/play skills
- sensory processing
- feeding/eating

Specialty Programs

Programs Offered:

- The Listening Program
- LIPS: The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for Reading, Spelling, & Speech

- Literacy Speaks

- Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol for Apraxia

- Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk Parent Program


More Programs Coming Soon!




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